Session 1 (Full-day):  June 17 - June 21   
Cost: $250
Two ways to register.  You can register and play online.  Just fill out the
registration form below and hit submit.  Then click on the paypal option below
(which accepts Visa and Mastercard) and follow the instructions.  If you do not
want to register online, you can print out the brochure (found on the link below)
and mail it in along with a check made out to Performance Sports Camps.  
Register early.
Online Registration Now Available.  You can pay via Paypal and register using the spaces below and
submitting, or mail in your registration form found on the brochure and check.  
Signing up for two sessions and save $50 for the full day or $25 for the half day.
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Session 2 (Full-day):  June 24 - June 28
Cost: $250
Wootton High School Sessions
Clarksburg  High School Session
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Session 1 (Half-day):  June 17 - June 21   
Cost:  $150
Session 2 (Half-day):  June 24 - June 28
Cost:  $150
Sessions 1 and 2 Full-Day(save $50)  Cost:  $450
Sessions 1 and 2 Half-day (save $25)  Cost:  $275
We are Celebrating 10 YEARS!!!